Benine: 084 514 6249

Dirkie Uys Str.


Benine: 084 514 6249

Dirkie Uys Str.


How long are the classes?

Classes are 1 hour long except for the Pregnancy Fitness and Free Boot Camp classes that are 45mins.


How many ladies are in a class?

There is anything from 2-8 ladies in a class depending on the class. The morning classes are quite quiet and the 5.30pm classes are the most popular.


Do I need to book to attend class?

You don't need to book you can just drop in. It would be appreciated though if you send me an mail or message beforehand to say you will be attending.


Help! I am a beginner.

I suggest that you start with the green coded classes as they are low impact. You are also welcome to attend the orange classes as I will adapt exercises to suite everyone's fitness levels. Stay clear of the red classes for the first month as they are high impact and it is important to strengthen your muscles, ligaments and joints before doing high impact exercises.


How do I know which classes will be best for me to attend?

I suggest that you come for a free assessment or just have a chat with me and then I will be able to make recommendations regarding which classes will be best for your goals.


What do I need to bring along to class?

All you need is a sweat towel and water bottle. All the equipment we will be using is at the studio.


Does the schedule change every month?

Yes, I do change the schedule slightly from month to month. Also feel free to let me know if you have any class requests.


What do I wear to class?

Any comfortable exercise clothing and supportive takkies. Yoga and Pilates is done without shoes.


Is there bathroom, changing and shower facilities?

There are bathrooms and space to change in the bathroom. There are no shower facilities.


How does payment work?

You can pay cash when you come to class or do an eft. Please visit the COST PAGE for prices.


Still have unanswered questions? Feel free to head over to the CONTACT US PAGE and send me an message.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Group Classes